Body Representation

Do you feel represented? This is not only for plus size women but all women. Ladies do you feel like you are not being represented in the media. I know there’s the Ashley Graham’s and the Adriana Lima’s but are they genuinely representing majority or women. Not all women are tall with a flat stomach some of us have rolls and not in the places where we can hide them some of light stretch marks or darks ones or even red. Some of us want to see a models with stomach’s and thick thighs like mine may not be 5’9 and is maybe 5’5. What about the girls who are 4’4 and although this is their size in jeans they can’t quite find the right length in those pair that make their butt look good. All I’m saying is that each one of us deserves to be represented in the media and all these sub categories can be altered. Don’t get me wrong it is a process and as a movement of women we are making massive changes. Is this a touchy subject? Yes it is and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But my friends feel like the only way they can find someone who looks like them is through social media. We would just like brands who do support diversity in all its forms to be honest in what they are showing their audience and work times with models who looks like your everyday.


You’ve Probably Outgrown Them

Have you ever felt like you’ve grown out of your friends? Well don’t feel bad because it happens. As we get older we try to salvage our childhood relationships dwelling on all the good times we had, hoping to have that into adulthood. Sometimes we have to let things go. As we get older our views, opinions, and path changes. Not all your friends may have the same ideas, and you may start to lack interests in some things you used to. People say that you need company around you that wants to see you succeed without any ulterior motives. Although hard to recognize at first, eventually you’ll realize who you need to keep around young who you don’t.

Now you don’t need to discard of your friends like a piece of garbage, you can slowly part ways maybe you won’t talk as often or hang out as often. Eventually you realize that you start to grow up and your goals, dreams and future become a little bit more important than worrying about who dislikes you or who may or may not be your friend. As someone who is currently going through this phase in her life I can say that although it may be  a little sad I feel like I can focus on my future and what I need to get done. Now I’m not saying don’t have a friends or social life but keep people around you that will aid to your growth and have something to offer, which can be a listening ear or some simple advice. Remember not to limit yourself because of what your friends may think or what their views are, be your true self and then you’ll see who’s here for the long haul.